Free Beats

Traveler (Hip Hop)

I got This (R&B)

Immortal (Club)

Unemployed (South)

Dancer (Pop)

We Offer Free Rap Beats for our customers for many different reasons:

• You may have not purchased a Beat or Instrumental from us and would like to try us out.
• You may not have the startup to buy beats and instrumentals online and need to get exposure.
We like to give everyone a fair chance in this industry and with our free beats you can get noticed as an artist with professional sound. We hope you find our free instrumentals useful and give you the tools to succeed. We use top of the line equipment on all of our music tracks to give you the edge you need! All of our music tracks are also Radio Ready!

High Quality Demos

All of the Free Beats and Instrumentals made at Chaotic Melody Productions are made with the same quality and precision as all of our music. Our free downloads are available to any artist or company looking to try out or demo our music. No obligations to fear when downloading one of our free beats. We offer a variety of styles of music so we urge you to download one of each genre to get the full experience of our tracks.

Free Beats Policy

The Free beat downloads are for PROMO USE ONLY. Free Beat downloads are NOT leases and DO NOT provide you with any rights to the track in any way. Free downloads are being offered for fans and potential customers alike to have the opportunity to demo/audition the track for a future purchase. This is NONPROFIT. You do not own any rights to the free beats unless you purchase a lease.

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