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Rap Beats are available in our instant download music player. We have Rap Beats For Sale on our website. We Offer many genres as well please check out all of our beats and genres in our instant download player above. New Rap beats are added constantly to the website. Check in daily for all new beats and sign up to our mailing list on the main page.

Our Instrumentals and Beats are used by many all over the world. Our music tracks are meant for artists and labels that want that professional sound. The Rap Beat game has been overwhelmed by low quality artists and producers in the past few years. We eliminate those competitors by providing our purchasers with radio ready high quality rap beats and instrumentals. Mainstream music changes everyday and we here at Chaotic Melody adapt to those changes to provide you with the most update sounds and instruments. Rap music tracks are used in movies, Tv, Advertising, Artist placements, Etc.

We Have Rap Beats For Sale. Chaotic Melody is the #1 Beat Website to Buy Rap Beats and Hip Hop Instrumentals. Each Instrumental is radio ready for your next hit! Listen to All of our R&B Beats and Pop Instrumentals along with our Reggae and Rock Beats to listen to all of our sounds.

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